June 19, 2019

Josefine Bach Sevald

JosefineProject Assistant, Stud. Cand.mag

As Project Assistant at Waves Communications, I have the responsibility for translation, media surveillance, text production, proof-reading and research.

My speciality lies in the English language – in grammar and choice of voice, register, and style to accommodate every text to its speech situation, genre, sender, and addressee. Competences that rest on theories, experience, and an academic background.
I possess a high written language proficiency and professional competency within the English language and experience with research, analysis, and text production which is apparent in my work at Waves Communications.

I am a graduate student in International Business Communication that specialises in English at the University of Southern Denmark.


  • BA in English – Elective in Linguistics. University of Southern Denmark and University of Copenhagen.
  • Translation for TV-dot

Contact: +45 51 89 77 65 or jba@wavescomm.dk