November 16, 2017

Cæcilie Juul Hansen

Project AssistentCæcilie Juul Hansen

As Project Assistant at Waves Communications, I am responsible for project management and coordination, media coverage monitoring, text work, translations, and research among many other things.

I have a strong understanding of the organizational processes and strategic communication considerations organizations’ face in a dynamic environment. I am analytically strong, a skilled communicator, and I am motivated by experiencing the results and progress communication can foster.

I am on my last year of my Master in business administration and organizational communication at Copenhagen Business School, where I specialize in strategic communication and digital business.





  • CEO, EduMode IVS
  • Intern, Prehype LLC, New York
  • PA toCEO & Business Analyst, CFH Group A/S
  • BSc in business administration & organisational communication, CBS

Contact: +45 31 31 69 39 eller