March 19, 2016

What we stand for

Waves offers trusted strategic communications advice at the highest level. With great experience, insight, integrity and courage, we can create a difference for your organisation.
Strategic communication is about paving the way, pushing through, moving things forward, making an impact. Working with you, we move your communication in the right direction and create results. We simply make an effort. Every time.
We work on all levels of your organisation. We are advisors in the true sense of the word and we take our role seriously – but we are never self-important. You can trust that we listen, but we never simply echo you. We say it as we see it.

That makes sense to our clients.

We are your loyal and discreet partner.
You will not find us mentioning our cooperation with you or any other clients on our webpage or on social media.
Nor will you find us commenting on your business on TV or in a newspaper.
We want to accomplish something with our clients, our business and each other. We place equal value on our professional standards and integrity in the collaboration with our clients, and on the culture and values of our own company.
We also wish to move ourselves forward, as professionals and as human beings. And we are convinced that it will make us even better advisors.

That makes sense to us.

A cornerstone of our company is to contribute to social responsibility. That is why we work pro bono for a selected number of organisations, just as we travel to a near or distant place once a year to spend a week trying to improve the life of people who need a helping hand.
A part of our surplus finances this journey.
We do not kid ourselves that we can move mountains. But we believe that we can make a small difference, and we believe that our efforts towards social responsibility strengthen us as human beings and as a team.

That makes sense to our surroundings.