March 19, 2016

What we do

When you choose Waves
Waves delivers targeted, results-driven and action-oriented communications advice – whatever task we perform. We put ourselves in your place and have your stakeholders in mind. Read more about some of our services and feel free to call us to hear more. We are among the best in Denmark at what we do.

Press release

Strategic communications advice
We provide the client management team with strategic communications advice in regard to its business challenges or strategic business decisions. Situations could include:

  • Communicating a new/revised business strategy
  • Communicating company expansions or downsizings
  • Communicating a market entry
  • Communicating to improve or to change public image
  • Communicating to increase awareness among stakeholders.

Content communications
When the strategy is formulated we can assist with press releases, intranet news, magazines and newsletters, speeches, power point presentations and other content material.

Crisis in the company
We prefer to call it a difficult challenge in the company. We have been involved in hundreds of difficult challenges and we have the expertise and courage needed to provide the optimal communication path. We make a difference – every time – and we are available 24/7.

Media and message training
We are among the most experienced and employed media and message trainers in Denmark, and we customise all programmes to fit you and your organisation’s current needs. You will learn how to prepare and complete an interview optimally – also the critical one. Our approach is constructive and direct.

How to handle your ‘issues’ and stakeholders
Every company has its ‘issues’ and they should be handled before they grow, internally or externally. Issues Management is an efficient management tool. We provide advice – and set a strategy – for how to best deal with and communicate the ‘issues’ in relation to your stakeholders.

Message training – management communication
Through personal sparring, camera training and feedback, we optimise your ability to prepare and deliver your presentation so it makes an impression and is remembered. Our focus is on what you say, how you say it and who you are saying it to.

Public affairs – lobbyism
We advise companies, associations and organisations on how to best take care of their political interests. We set the overall strategy and map out specific activities. We put words and images on the issue at hand and the consequences (positive or negative) it might have for the surrounding world.

Buying and selling companies
Buying, selling, opening or closing a company is a comprehensive matter. Good communication is one of the keys to success. We set a strategic communication plan for the entire process and ensure optimal communication to stakeholders – also in regard to timing.

Internal communication
Strong internal communication can define or redefine the shared identity and culture. It motivates employees and provides a powerful boost and structure to transformation processes. We uncover opportunities and risks and prepare a strategy and plan for efficient execution.

CSR communication
We advise on orderly, proper CSR communication where the story told comes from within and is told with numbers and faces to the right stakeholders in order to strengthen your core narrative.

Social media
Social media has revolutionised the way we communicate. We monitor and advise – on crisis preparedness and on proactive communication on social media. From strategy to saying the right things.

International network
As a member of the international network GlobalCom PR we are able to provide high level solutions across national borders. You can read more about the cooperation here.