January 8, 2019



Strategic Communication

Waves advises top executives and boards on strategic communication that supports the company’s business strategy.

We prepare or contribute to the communications strategy and all its elements, develop the company narrative and identify and prepare memorable key messages. We plan the implementation, help prepare the individual efforts and turn words into action. Last but not least, we equip your managers to take on the communications task.

We do not deliver a raft of quibbles that end up in a desk drawer.

A strategic, long-term communications effort ensures that the company’s messages are delivered purposefully like a row of pearls, resulting in an increased understanding of – and insight into – the company’s strategy, business plan and objectives among stakeholders. This motivates, engages and contributes positively to the company’s bottom-line.

Continual, purposeful and strategic communication based on the company narrative and clear-cut key messages ensures uniform communication to the company’s internal and external target groups. As a result, the company is remembered for what it wants to be remembered for.

At the same time, it will be easier for the company’s executives to put the company’s strategy, efforts and objectives into words, as all communication will be built on the company narrative and key messages.


Issues Management

Waves advises on how companies can pre-empt potentially critical issues.

We identify the potentially critical issues and prepare a brief plan for how the issue should be handled and communicated in case it develops. We formulate a statement and prepare messages and Q&A’s to ensure that the company is optimally prepared and that the risk of an actual crisis is diminished.

The discipline is called Issues Management and it helps companies stay prepared to handle a potentially critical issue. This in turn means that the company is always ahead and thus in control.

Companies often focus on crisis management, but a focus on Issues Management can actually help keep the crisis at bay. That is why Issues Management is a very valuable tool.

Waves’ Issues Management effort can be done in two ways:

  1. We can help identify your potentially critical issues and teach you how to do your own Issues Management going forward.
  2. We can help identify your potentially critical issues and help keep your contingencies and Issues Management efforts up-to-date on an ongoing basis.


Crisis Management

Waves is the company’s experienced, confidential and discreet partner during a critical case or crisis situation.

We advise during and after the crisis, focusing on transparent, action-oriented and proactive communication. We ensure optimal handling of the press and communication to customers and employees that provide a sense of stability and give management space to partly get the crisis under control and partly focus on daily operations. Our goal is not just to get you safely through the crisis, but to use it to strengthen your image.

As a responsible company, you are not judged on your actions but on the way you handle them.

Lars Jørgensen is one of Denmark’s most experienced advisors on crisis communication and he is continuously involved in crises and challenging cases in Danish and international companies. Waves has the experience, courage and overview to provide the right solutions and get you optimally through the crisis. Our approach is strategic, concrete and proactive.


M&A Communication

Waves advises top executives and boards when companies are acquired, sold, transformed or merged.

We prepare an executable strategic communications plan for the entire process and make sure that the company communicates optimally to employees, customers, the media and other stakeholders – at the right times. We develop the story about the upcoming process and prepare key messages, Q&A’s, presentations etc. that equip the executives to take on the communications task.

M&A’s are long-term processes. Good communication is key to creating the necessary knowledge and understanding of the process and ensuring motivation, engagement and stability. That is why we not only focus on the communication leading up to the actual M&A, but also on the following period where it is important not to lose momentum.

Optimal targeted, strategic communication with clear messages and answers is a prerequisite for achieving support from employees, customers and business partners.


Media & Presentation Training

Waves offers tailored media and presentation training for both individuals and groups.

The training is a combination of theory, camera training and feedback and is always based on the participants’ and the company’s specific needs. Our media training sharpens your messages and your ability to prepare an interview, and we practise the interview situation in front of the camera – also the critical one. Our presentation training optimises your ability to prepare, develop and give a presentation that captivates and engages your audience.

We give the participants the knowledge, confidence and ballast needed to present themselves as the optimal representative for their company or department during presentations and interviews.

We customise all sessions to the individual company and participant to ensure that the training is based on current situations from the participants’ daily life. The aim is strategic. Focus is on what you say, the way you say it and who you are saying it to. Our approach is feedback-oriented and direct.


Press Relations

Waves identifies and develops the company’s stories.

We base the stories on clear-cut, memorable messages that grab the target group’s attention, and we know how to frame the good story. Waves teaches the company how to handle the press directly, helps the company identify relevant media and journalists, prepares and sends out press releases and delivers media analyses and reports.

We also function as permanent press office/contact, especially for large foreign companies.

Every day, Waves helps companies increase their knowledge of and develop and optimise their relationship with the press. Our focus is on strategic press relations. Forget all about the amount of coverage. We use our experience to teach you how to get your carefully selected key messages across every time you choose to appear in the press. That is your guarantee that you will not waste resources on media coverage that does not make a difference to your business.