June 19, 2019

Sebastian Vincent Kattrup Zoëga

Project Assistant, Stud. Cand.mag

As Project Assistant at Waves Communications, I am responsible for translation, project management, research, media surveillance, text production, proof-reading, among many other things.

My expertise lies in English, more specifically in a multicultural and business context. I am always seeking to connect my pragmatic approach, intuition, and experience with my academic background. The focus is to further communication that creates results in a quantifiable way.

I have experience collecting, analysing, and presenting academic research about professional interaction in order to further the efficiency of companies. This, in conjunction with my education, gives me special insight into the human aspect of business and the ability to impart this knowledge onto others.

I am currently finishing my Master’s degree in English that specialises in translation.


  • SEO & Communications Intern, AWM Network
  • Research assistant, CIRCD research centre
  • MA in English – Elective in Translation. University of Copenhagen
  • BA in English – Elective in Employee Communication, Intercultural Business Competence & Communication. University of Copenhagen

Contact: +45 60 70 96 56 or sez@wavescomm.dk