December 15, 2016

Lars Jørgensen

Lars JørgensenPartner, owner and CEO of Waves Communications

As a longstanding strategic advisor and collaborative partner for hundreds of companies and organisations, I am characterised by my broad experience, a highly developed intuition, the ability to quickly identify the heart of the matter, and the courage to assign the right solution to the company.

I am action- and results-oriented. I think fast and have a strategic eye for the long term. You will find that I say and write things point blank – as I see them. That is for your benefit. Crisis management, strategic outlines, personal top management sparring, communication in regard to buying and selling companies, as well as media, message and presentation training are among my core competencies. I am a company man – both yours and mine.




  • CEO and partner, Jøp, Ove & Myrthu CPH
  • CEO and partner, Jøp, Ove & Myrthu A/S
  • Owner, LAJ Strategi ApS
  • Communications Director and CMO, eBay Scandinavia
  • Head of Communication, Star Tour
  • Journalist, B.T. and Fyens Amts Avis (DJH)
  • Greenhouse gardener (trained)

Contact: +45 29 78 49 32 or