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What we do

Strategic Communication

Waves advises top executives and boards on strategic communication that supports the company’s business strategy. We prepare or contribute to the communications strategy and all its elements, develop the company narrative and identify and prepare memorable key messages. We plan the implementation, help prepare the individual efforts and turn words into action. Last but not least, we equip your managers to take on the communications task. We do not deliver a raft of quibbles that end up in a desk drawer.
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Issues Management

Waves advises on how companies can pre-empt potentially critical issues. We identify the potentially critical issues and prepare a brief plan for how the issue should be handled and communicated in case it develops. We prepare a statement, messages and Q&A’s to ensure that the company is optimally prepared and that the risk of an actual crisis is diminished. Companies often focus on crisis management, but a focus on Issues Management can actually help keep the crisis at bay. That is why Issues Management is a very valuable tool.
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Crisis Management

Waves is your experienced, confidential and discreet partner during a critical or crisis situation. With transparent and proactive communication, we ensure optimal handling of the press and communication to customers and employees that provide stability and give management space to get the crisis under control and focus on daily operations. Our goal is not just to get you safely through the crisis, but to use it to strengthen your image. As a responsible company, you are not judged on your actions but on the way you handle them.
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Mergers & Acquisitions

Waves advises top executives and boards when companies are acquired, sold, transformed or merged. We prepare an executable strategic communications plan for the entire process and make sure that the company communicates optimally to employees, customers, the media and other stakeholders – at the right times. We develop the story about the upcoming process and prepare key messages, Q&A’s, presentations etc. that equip the executives to take on the communications task.
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Media & presentation training

Waves offers tailored media and presentation training for both individuals and groups. The training combines theory, camera training and feedback and is always based on the participants’ and the company’s specific needs. Our media training sharpens your messages and ability to prepare an interview, and we practise interviews in front of the camera – also critical ones. Our presentation training optimises your ability to prepare, develop and give a presentation that engages your audience.
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Press relations

Waves identifies and develops the company’s stories. We base them on clear-cut, memorable messages that grab the target group’s attention, and we know how to frame the good story. Waves teaches the company how to handle the press directly, helps the company identify relevant media and journalists, prepares and sends out press releases and delivers media analyses and reports. We also function as permanent press office/contact, especially for large foreign companies.
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What you get

Waves Communications offers targeted, executable
strategic communications advice at the highest level.
with you,
we move your
in the right
and create

We are specialised in:
●   strategic communications advice and execution that ensure progress and develop and support the company’s business plans and long-term objectives
●   crisis communication and identification of critical or potentially critical issues
●   communication related to company transformations, mergers and acquisitions.

Our advice is proven
Our advice is anchored in substantial, longstanding experience.
With a distinct ability to quickly understand the company’s DNA, challenges and opportunities, we deliver from day one.

We never academicise what we do, but offer hands-on advice and execution based on insights and learnings from numerous collaborations with boards and management teams in companies, organisations and associations at home and abroad.

Our advice is honest and discreet
Our approach is direct, honest and discreet.
We are the company’s trusted and loyal partner.
We take our role seriously – without being self-important, but we have the necessary experience and courage to say it as it is.

We are a smaller agency that only initiate longer collaborations or take on a single assignment when we can guarantee our full attention and believe that we can create results for the company.

We work pro bono for the signature program of the Egmont Foundation Lær for Livet (Learn for Life).

Within 10 years, Lær for Livet will provide more than 1,000 foster children with academic support in order to equip and encourage them to finish a post-secondary education.


Lars Jørgensen
Lars Jørgensen
Partner, owner, CEO and
senior communications advisor
Tel. + 45 29 78 49 32


–    CEO and partner, Jøp, Ove & Myrthu CPH
–    Owner, LAJ Strategi ApS
–    Communications Director & CMO, eBay Scandinavia
–    Head of Communication, Star Tour
–    Journalist, B.T. and Fyns Amts Avis (DJH)
–    Greenhouse gardener (trained)

Read more about Lars here.
Lars K. Mikkelsen
Lars K. Mikkelsen
Associated Partner,
photographer, film and video producer
Tel. +45 40 17 22 18

–    Owner, Mikkelsen og Ko
–    Owner, the farm Humlegården (beef cattle)
–    Producer of short films, e.g. ’Træneren’
–    Author of several photography books
–    Photographer, Nordfoto
–    Awarded “Best European Short Film” at the
       international film festival in Leuven, Belgium, 2008
–    Bodil nomination
Read more about Lars here.
Cæcilie Juul Hansen
Cæcilie Juul Hansen
Project Assistant
stud. cand.merc.comm
Tel. +45 31 31 69 39

–    CEO, EduMode IVS
–    Intern, Prehype LLC, New York
–    PA to CEO & Business Analyst, CFH Group A/S
–    BSc in Business Administration & Organizational        Communication, CBS

Read more about Cæcilie here.
Katrine Raaberg Funder
Katrine Raaberg Funder
Project Assistant
stud. cand.merc.comm
Tel. +45 25 54 60 92

–    Co-owner, Funder Bag IVS
–    BA in Intercultural Market Communications, CBS

Read more about Katrine here.
Cecilie Bruun Iversen
Cecilie Bruun Iversen
Communications Advisor
and Project Manager
Tel. +45 20 93 00 17

–    Communications Manager, KLP
–    Communications Advisor, Morsing
–    MA International Business Communication
       Copenhagen Business School
–    BA English, University of Copenhagen

Read more about Cecilie here.

Nordic and global partners

We are Danish with Nordic wings and global reach.

Waves is a member of GlobalCom PR Network, an international network of communications and PR agencies.
We work closely with four GlobalCom PR Network agencies from across the Nordics. Together with our associate partners, we offer Nordic solutions for our international clients. In addition, we cooperate globally with the other GlobalCom members from 60 countries.
Birgitta Lerström
Birgitta Lerström
Associate Partner
Wise Communications
Rami Kangas
Rami Kangas
Associate Partner
Drama Queen
Sofia Westerlund
Sofia Westerlund
Associate Partner
Punkt PR
Rune Braathen
Rune Braathen
Associate Partner
JPR Kommunikasjon


Here is a brief presentation of a number of solved tasks Waves has been involved in. We have anonymized the content as it is our politic not to disclose who we work for unless the client has explicitly mentioned the collaboration with Waves. We are the clients’ confidential and discreet business partner.
  • Crisis management

    Portfolio-billede2-250x250 (1)

    Examples of critical or potentially critical cases Waves has been involved in in 2017.

    • Terminations of top executives
    • Pollution cases
    • Mass terminations
    • Business shutdowns
    • Cases regarding bribes and corruption
    • Breach of contract
    • Business acquisitions
    • Professional conflicts
    • Cases regarding convictions
    • Work-related accidents
    • Cases regarding internet fraud
    • Cyber attack
    • Fire
    • Increase in profits and revenue
    • Cases regarding illegal workers
    • Tax affairs
    Portfolio-billede2-250x250 (1)
    Crisis management
  • Strategic communication

    Portfolio-billede2-250x250 (1)

    On a daily basis we advise top executives and managements to ensure that the organization’s business plan, initiatives, and objectives are all supported by strategic communication. In 2017 we designed the following among other things:

    • Communication strategies
    • Core narratives
    • Presentations
    • Speeches
    • Texts / Articles
    • Strategic courses for top executives
    • Plans of action

    And always with a strategic aim.

    Portfolio-billede2-250x250 (1)
    Strategic communication
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    Portfolio-billede2-250x250 (1)

    We assist top executives and boards with the communication when they buy, sell, open or close a business. In 2017 alone we have acted as trusted advisors and assisted with the communication in several considerable M&As, shutdowns and openings in industries like:

    • Insurance
    • Energy
    • Agriculture and food
    • Chemical industry
    • Construction
    • Real estate
    Portfolio-billede2-250x250 (1)
    Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Press Relations

    Portfolio-billede2-250x250 (1)

    We assist businesses in optimizing their relationship and approach to the media and how to manage the media’s interest or lack hereof. For 2017 that has resulted in:

    • Media strategies
    • Media action plans
    • Press conferences
    • Contact with the media
    • Identification of media and journalists
    • Features and debates
    • Workshops in understanding the media
    • Press relations (we act as the Danish PR department for several international businesses)
    Portfolio-billede2-250x250 (1)
    Press Relations
  • Media and presentation training

    Portfolio-billede2-250x250 (1)

    Our media training and presentation training is highly sought-after. We customize all sessions to the individual business.Some facts from 2017:

    • 30 held training courses
    • 3 hours to 2 days duration
    • 105 top executives and spokespersons participated
    • Participants represented 21 businesses and organizations
    Portfolio-billede2-250x250 (1)
    Media and presentation training
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